Saturday, October 31, 2009

notts game having the blast

Arini, pukol 5 pagi aku da depart fm liverpool by bus after took only 2 hous nap in chester room.
Lebih kurang kol 7 tuh, aku pn smpi la di notts.. Nott uni is a campus uni, so obviosly their uni mmg chantek n sgt besor.
Siap ade tasik n swan, itik, sume2 tuh.. Mmg btol la org kte rmi gile msian kt uk. Mak aih, penoh gile ngn mamat cina n melayu
Kat cne tuh. Mau beribu gak lah yg muncul... N of coz rmi gile kawan aku kenal.. Dak2 langkawi, kms sume ade..
Siap ade yg aku x kenal name lg.. X sangke rupe2nye 'pain' yg tegor aku tuh is actually my homeroomate kot kt lgkw.
Bodoh nye la aku siap boleh lupe lak tuh. Mmg wt malu jerk kan.. Haha.

Pergh, kt cne aku mkn bnyk giler... Mkn segala jenis masakan melayu yg ade. Almaklumlah, da kempunan n kebulur tym tuh.
N sedup2 lak tuh.. Aku tgk muke dak2 uk nie, sume nye sangap tgk lauk melayu.. Haha.. Ape lah nasib di perantauan.. Huhu
Plg seronok kt cne of coz la jmpe mmbr balik en. Rse mcm xnk berpisah ngn diorg.. Rindu and sangat best ... Huh..
Then pkol 4 ptg cmtuh ktorg g town nottingham.. Bndr die agak jauh fm uni campus but mmg besor gak la..
Bndr diorg siap ade tram tuh.. Best2 tpi ak x sempat naek la.. Sbb rse nye kene byr kot.. Tpi bndr2 kt uk nie aku tgk sume same je.
Kedai yg sme, street2 yg lbh kurang same... Tym tutp pn awal. Haha. Well, penat la plak tulis blog tru blckbry.. Stakat nie je luw.
Skg nie aku on the way to birmingham. Alang2 da kt cni, singgah la rmh pakcik muid dlu... Skg nie aku dlm tren nie.. Tren die lembab je.
Stndrd naek ktm la plak. Tapi sharp la mse die.. Hehe. Bye2

Saturday, October 17, 2009


hurm.. tetibe hati aku berkobar2 nk post new entry...after usha2 blog dak2 ib kms yg skg nie kt india...they are having great life.. and i think i should have too... wekend nie, mmg xde plan, kerja memang berlambak gile !!! bru due minggu, aku da kene buat 5 tests online, 2 lab report and 1 reading assingnment!!! bnyk tuh n mcm bese aku x complete even 1 pwn.. haha

smlm, rumah aku da ade internet connection.. 10 mbps whichis considered as slow here but way too fast in malaysia...haha.. well it is cheap, we only have to pay 20 pounds monthly and we get unlimited download. and for those yang x tahu lg... i just bought a new blackberry... it is not mine yet cse i took pay monthly and the contract is 25 pounds monthly for 24 months..geee lame en... ramai tanye why dont u take iphone instead of blcberry..but my answer is simple, i think blackberry is just enough for me... i wont spend too much time melayan hp ok sgt la blackberry tuh..and btw, its blcberry curve, model 8900..haha

esok, ade trip to anfield which obviously i am not as excited as hakim and muid...tpi as far as i'm concern, i'm in liverpol now, so it is a must to visit the stad!!! hahaha.. and last wekend, i went to st heles carboot. it's my first time but i managed to bought a ZARA men winter clothe which cost me only 5 pounds..haha..best2 and yeah of coz everybody envy me so much...haha...

it has been 3 weeks i'm here. and everytg is good here. due tiga hari nie, the weather mmg best, no rains at all and yg ade is the shining sunshine which to be honest i love the warm so much..hahaha...and kat sini, mmg da menunjukkan ciri2 ke"fall"an nye... daun2 gugur and pokok sume bootak..haha... its my first season....and hope to see more..haha..lets share the pics...haha

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

house warming

Helo ... Nie first entry aku fm my own blackberry.. N I love it .. Hajat nak beli iphone x kesampaian kerana terlalu mahal.. Aku kene la save money skert di bumi bertuah nie.. Ye la plan da mcm2 tpi klu xde duit, x syok la pulak en... Hahaha
Well, smlm aku, muid n hakim buat house warming .. Special tok family2 angkat ktorang yg da bnyk berjase and bantu ktorg time ktorg mule2 smpi cni dlu..
Menu nye ialah ... Jeng2 NASI LEMAK , TRiFlE and ayam goreng .. Best x? Hebat x ktorg msak? Haha
And thanks a lot to dak2 manc yg dtg tok tlg ktorg skali.. Bat n alip pwn ade.. X sangke ktorg berjumpe lg di bumi liverpool ini.. Allhamdulillah ..
Klu nk tgk pics bnyk2, sudilah2 menjenguk blog bat yang bru siap dibuat..haha ' bat aku da promote blog ko' haha

Friday, October 9, 2009


it has been a while i didnt visit this blog. maybe due to the buzyness and kat sini xde internet connection lagi kt my new home. this is my new address , 35, connaught road, kensington fields, liverpool, merseyside L7 8RW . . sape2 nak singgah, just let me know.. this house is really enormous actually. most probably rabu next week will get the connection. Liverpool is nice. the town is not that big but it is really amazing. . . kalau nak bargain kat sini, memang best gile... the prices are rather cheap but never convert them into RM ok!!! because if you do that, u'll never buy anything here. . . i just moved into a new double-storey house and i got the master bedroom for god sake. . . i'll post some pictures here and you will surprise!!! and i eat well here eventhough i'm not used to cook, but as time goes by, i'll get used to it. well, being here, there are many pros and cons. . . the cons is i miss my mum so much here. i called her everyday. i like the weather. it allows me to go anywhere by walking. . . and i didnt tired at all. . .surprisingly. . . .

aku baru je bought a new sweater kat PRIMARK. aku rase PRIMARK nie same macam JUSCO la... barang2 die murah...very cheap actually. u can buy a kemeja with only £3 only.. tapi cantik2 la their designs... and its worth the price kot. sabtu nie ade open house rayer and ahad nie nak g carboot. kat rumah tuh, ade 5 channels je..dah la sume merepek je...lagi best tv3 in comparison. so, nak kene beli PREVIEW box to get 45 chanells in total la.. kat sini, 3 things that is so important...
1st, students card ( you can get massive discount in branded shops, railway tickets and everythings)
2nd, is your debit card...( kat sini £50 is a very large amount, and most of them didnt accept £50 notes , so kalau nak beli barang2 sume, you just insert your debit card, enter your pin code . . . senang kan? ) and
the last things is INTERNET CONNECTION ( every assesments, tests, lecture notes are in VITAL- virtual internet teaching kat Liverpoool la ) . . . .

the first week of lectures is ok la... the class is not too pack...but i have difficulties to speak and understand the language . . . at first i feel so bad and stupid but i'll try my best here... haha...